Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Top Features

Features Overview

Name it as you like

You can set your own sender name can be a number or alphabets. By using this service you can Brand your business.

Promote you business

Using TextXL you can promote your business, advertise it, keep your customer updated with your products, promotions.

Upload you contacts

You can upload your contacts using our special service. This service can let you send Text messages to thousands of your customer at one go.

Multiple languages

Our system can support multiple languages. You can send your Text message in different languages. This can span your business in other communities, like French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Bangla and so many other.

International Coverage

We can now cover 14 contries in 4 continents including USA, Canada, Europe, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. We offer cheaper market solution to our clients in the above contries. Check our price for non-UK customers. Click here to get the price.

Desktop Application

You don't have to stick with the Web inter face. Now you can send your advertisement from your desktop application using same user credentials. Click here to download Application