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BestText Marketing Solution

Give a Growth to your BusienssChoose our Bulky Text Solution.

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Our Text Packages

10,000 Credit.
3p per Text
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5,000 Credit.
3.4p per Text
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3,000 Credit.
3.7p per Text
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What We Offer

ITXL London's exciting product TextXL

In the era of technology TextXL is a good solution to market your Business. We offer special Features, and online Support.

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International Coverage

13+ countries coverage

TextXL proudly annouse that our coverage is now world wide, we can now cover more than 13 contries.

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Bulk SMS

Online web based Application

TextXL provides online web application to our valued customers which is very easy to use and accessible to every body.

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Text Marketing

TextXL a solution for Marketing

Now a days everybody is keeping a mobile phone. Text marketing is a powerful and modern way of marketing your business.

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